[zozo_vc_section_title text_align=”left” title=”Improved enabling environment, favorable to market driven regenerative agriculture” title_transform=”capitalize” title_weight=””]Within Kenya and Rwanda, supportive frameworks for regenerative agriculture do not yet exist. Promotion of relevant solutions, establishing minimum standards, enforcing quality control, prohibiting malpractice, and ensuring fair competition are crucial, but not in place. REALMS entry point is Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), who can be key actors to influence policies and practices (Voice for Change Partnership programme). Moreover, a focus on local CSOs can ensure long-term advocacy is in place and locally owned, long after the project finalises. REALMS will focus on building CSO capacities to gather and effectively use evidence, cooperate and influence others to get regenerative agriculture on the agenda. Together with CSOs, REALMS will engage with MultiStakeholder Platforms (MSPs). These platforms have been successful in bringing together different actors and come to coordinated action to improve policies and regulations. It is expected that if CSOs can effectively use the evidence on regenerative agriculture, as well as by third parties, this will become a priority for governments and joint action plans will be formulated.[/zozo_vc_section_title]
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