[zozo_vc_section_title text_align=”left” title=”Increased investment, business growth and revenues for local service providers of products and services supporting regenerative agriculture” title_transform=”capitalize” title_weight=””]REALMS will identify local service providers such as SMEs and farmer organizations that could provide products, services and technologies (“solutions”) to support farmers with the implementation of regenerative agricultural practices. The private sector is an important partner in transforming practices, but from experience we know service providers need assistance to start proactively reaching out to farmers and getting out of their offices (KMDP, TIDE). REALMS will link local service providers to farmers with affordable solutions, opening up opportunities for increased demand. The assumption is that this demand from farmers will materialise, However, substantial increases cannot be expected until the solutions and practices have proved their added value to the farmers (year 2-3 of REALMS). To be able to support the potential for growing demand, as well as to investment in operations, service providers are assisted to develop bankable business plans. Dialogues with financial institutions are needed to increase awareness on the potential for growth in this area (experience SNV CRAFT). In addition, REALMS can contribute (small) co-investments (through its Innovation Fund) to lower risks for financial institutions and make initial investments more attractive. Increased demand in combination with increased investment opportunities will support businesses in enabling service providers to continue working with farmers for regenerative agriculture.[/zozo_vc_section_title]
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